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Our tech brings
internet to places
legacy networks can’t.

Interested in starting an Althea network or adding Althea to your existing ISP?

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Fast, affordable internet is a right, not a privilege.

Deborah Simpier, CEO & Co-founder

Althea: Pioneering
a Movement.

ALTHEA BELIEVES that all people deserve access to the internet. The legacy systems of telecom today are fundamentally broken. Althea’s solution enables access for more people, even in challenging environments. 

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Join the Movement.

The industry is moving our way. Althea’s platform is now in six states, in remote and challenging environments and in emerging markets internationally. With Althea’s platform, networks can be built faster and more economically than ever before.


The Althea Platform
reaching new heights.

Reliable coverage in any terrain. Thomas Spellman’s Althea-based network, Treelink, provides broadband connectivity to a community of 3,500 people in rugged, hilly terrain with dense tree cover. The combination of a Ubiquiti fixed wireless radio network and Althea management, billing, and security layers made TreeLink a quick success.

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Building towards the future.


Deployment of public and private LTE networks has never been this easy.


Revolutionizing agriculture with the power of fiber.

Gravity Bridge

Unlocking liquidity across the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems.


Shop Althea

All the tools you need to build out your own network in one place. From routers and gateways to deployment packages and LTE kits, we have everything you need!

Come Meet Us

Come meet the team at any of the conferences, forums, or meetups we participate in. We're always happy to meet anyone who wants to learn more about Althea, to answer questions, and to help get you started.

Looking for Althea for your home or business? Click here for our locations.

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