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Althea is one of America's fastest-growing internet service providers

Althea is a new way to access broadband internet that enables growth in the network through a unique system of revenue sharing. Althea was founded in 2017 with the vision to bring the open market and interoperable peering from the data center to the field and empowering communities to build multi-stakeholder networks faster and more affordable than legacy telecom models.

Deborah Simpier

Cofounder / CEO

Justin Kilpatrick

Cofounder / CTO

Christian Borst

Senior Blockchain Engineer


Kenneth Gal

Head of Marketing

Silas Goforth

Regional Director

William Moglia

Head of Community

Stephen Schumacher

Head of Deployments


Kenneth Tang

Software Engineer

Skyler Templeton

Regional Director

Pranay Tulugu

Software Engineer


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