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KeyLTE: Democratizing the LTE space

Instead of legacy telcos with experience and
large budgets, LTE can be an affordable and easy-to-use option for anyone.


Build in places you couldn't before...

LTE networks can provide connectivity to a variety of fixed and IoT devices. They are scalable, future-proof wireless networks, making LTE the perfect choice for a WISP, farm, or private LTE deployment.

KeyLTE revolutionizes the deployment of public and private LTE networks by creating a simple and flexible toolkit for network design and deployment.

Instead of expensive, unwieldy legacy core topologies, KeyLTE networks can be built easily and affordably in a variety of environments. KeyLTE is agile and lightweight enough to embed the EPC (Evolved Packet Core) in the Althea smart router, and flexible enough to scale to nationwide deployments.

Build Affordably

Build Flexible and Dynamic Deployments

Althea's built-in distance-vector routing and composable metered billing solution

Easy Plug-and-Play Design & Maintenance

Scale with Cloud or Cloud Hybrid Solutions

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Benefits of KeyLTE

Build Affordably. By embedding the EPC into the home Althea router instance, LTE networks can be deployed as inexpensively as you would install a home user, or even convert a subscriber or home deployment into an edge core with a simple firmware upgrade. This minimizes power consumption and footprint, further reducing capital outlay.

Easy Plug-and-Play Design and Maintenance. The KeyLTE router needs minimal configuration and can be maintained remotely in the Althea Operator Tools dashboard. You can use Althea SIMs and have access to the team for support, or we can help you build out a private network that scales as big as your ambitions.

Build Flexible and Dynamic Deployments. From the construction site to rural fixed wireless, KeyLTE and Althea’s dynamic mesh routing empowers self-healing, agile, and resilient topologies all without manual configuration.

Scale with Cloud or Cloud Hybrid Solutions. KeyLTE can be deployed on the edge, extending out a fixed wireless network, or as a flexible private LTE core. As your network grows, or if your footprint is more expansive, core components can be part of a cloud or data center solution.

Built in Distance-Vector Routing and Composable Metered Billing Solution. A plug-and-play, mesh routing enables capital efficient and resilient networks that can be built even in the most challenging environments. Althea end users pre-pay and can be configured in a variety of ways to charge both a metered and/or monthly payment in a multi-stakeholder environment.

Use Cases

Fixed Wireless

Private LTE

CBRS and nlos environments

Smart and Precision Agriculture

Smart Cities, Remote Cameras, and IoT

Private/Public LTE Models

Construction and Temporary Site Deployment

KeyLTE Equipment

Who can apply: New and existing network operators including municipalities, cooperatives, tribal, non-profit, and other organizational structures that operate a network.

Award: up to $15,000 of LTE Equipment to build an Althea KeyLTE deployment.  Design and planning support for the build would be included with impact on your proposed grant budget.

Impact: Provide a unique and/or creative solution use case for the use of Althea’s flexible KeyLTE core that meets a connectivity pain point. Show a pathway to a heterogeneous network, serving broadband to fixed locations, as well as IoT or smart (anything).  Whether it’s a farming community who’s looking to expand smart and precision ag or a rural area looking to provide connectivity to EV charging stations and remote wildfire cameras, your unique challenges are what we are looking to assist you to solve.

KeyLTE: Democratizing the LTE space

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