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CATS Virtual Network Operator

A Fixed Wireless Network-in-a-Box

Introducing CATS Virtual Network Operator, the quickest way to offer fixed wireless broadband to your community.

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Build your network in weeks, not months

With a CATS powered VNO you can focus on connecting your community, without the hassle and expense of building a cellular Fixed Wireless Access solution from scratch.

Our mission is simple; help communities break free from traditional monopoly operators, and enable our partners to create the connectivity solutions they need, retaining the financial and employment benefits locally.


The CATS VNO service provides:

Network Infrastructure
  • Fiber & Microwave Internet Backhaul

  • Cellular Base Stations operating in Licensed or Lightly Licensed Wireless Spectrum, including CBRS GAA and PALs.

  • Validated Subscriber Equipment

Subscriber Management - by AltheaL1
  • Operator Tools Dashboard to manage subscribers

  • Pre-Paid Billing

  • Built-in ACP payment processing

  • Automated Revenue Sharing

  • Installation by our Accredited and Insures Engineers

  • 24 x 7 Telephone & Email support

You Contribute

Additional Opportunities
  • Hawk Networks works with you to educate and train local community members as;

  • Broadband Champions

  • Installers

  • Network Engineering


Connect Your Community

Hawk Networks has deployed connectivity for both rural and urban communities. Whether your subscribers are long range-low density, or short range-high density, we have field-proven connectivity solutions ready for deployment in a matter of weeks.


Rural Wireless Network


Urban Wireless Network

CATS Delivers Wireless & Fiber Access


CATS is designed to empower new and existing operators with a swift launch of cellular fixed wireless access services. With unmatched flexibility and scalability, you can effortlessly meet the evolving needs of your customers, backed by Hawk Networks’ dedicated technical delivery team. It is the fastest path to building a revenue generating network.


CATS for Fiber Internet Access


Hawk Networks also has extensive experience with design and construction of Fiber to the Home (FttH) networks. Ideal for VNOs who want to future proof their communities Internet access infrastructure.

Experience the future of wireless internet service provision with Althea CATS. Connect with us today and embark on a new era of connectivity.


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