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Althea Events

From Bootcamps to Summits, Althea hosts, organizes, and partners for events for educating and bringing the community together.

Network design bootcamp in Las Cruces with Althea and Mycelia Foundation, a New Mexico nonprofit whose mission is to provide broadband access to under served people in the community. The bootcamp is a whole day of network design, learning how to make connectivity in a short amount of time with just an understanding and determination, hooking up as many people in the community as possible.



Althea Midwest Summit 2023

The Althea Midwest Summit is a 2-day, multi-event workshop and micro-conference focused on building and utilizing a community owned ISP and LTE infrastructure (KeyLTE). KeyLTE provides high-speed, high-quality wireless connectivity, at a significantly reduced rate compared to traditional ISP services, especially in areas where “Last Mile” internet service infrastructure is lacking. This most commonly includes urban neighborhoods and rural areas.

Want to host your own event?

Host your own interactive summit where you can learn how to use Althea's "broadband legos" to build connectivity in new ways, providing holistic and sustainable solutions to your community.

Click here to submit a request!


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