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Join the Movement!

We’re building the decentralized, open access internet of the future. Join us!


What is Althea?

Althea is a powerful platform to build broadband internet and connectivity solutions that enables growth in the network through a modular, open-access system. Price aware routing and a peer-to-peer microtransactions

Founded in 2018 with the vision to bring the open market and interoperable peering from the data center to the field and empowering communities to build multi-stakeholder networks faster and more affordable than legacy telecom models.

Why Althea?

Althea operates as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) platform and distributed settlement layer  which enables the coordination of multi-stakeholder, open access networks. Althea decouples the service and infrastructure layers of Internet delivery and coordinates transparent and programmatic revenue sharing. 

Using Althea’s platform, networks can be built faster and more economically than ever before. Althea’s flexible payment structure opens new areas to growth and supports new entrants into the market, by enabling them to capture value on underutilized bandwidth and real estate.

The Althea platform has been utilized in six states, remote and challenging environments, and in emerging markets internationally.

Sustainable ISP network growth

Coordinated use of existing infrastructure to build and grow ISP networks cutting acquisition costs to half that of legacy systems

Advanced billing

Flexible billing options create new payment models, reduce overhead costs, and remove existing payment friction.

Smarter routing

Price Aware Routing and Distance Vector Mesh create resilient, sustainable network topologies.

Easy revenue sharing

Smart contracts enable revenue share coordination transparently and automatically.

Real-time management

Powerful operator tools to manage and grow your network in one interface

Democratized LTE

Build LTE Networks anywhere with KeyLTE, embedded home router EPC. 

Greater user choice

Althea wallets embedded in consumer products (handsets, vehicles, IoT products, etc.) will offer users greater choice through Althea’s price-aware routing protocol - removing the barrier associated with existing roaming agreements.

Why Althea
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Sustainable ISP network growth

Althea coordinates the use of existing infrastructure to build and grow new ISPs more efficiently. These networks are much easier to build and maintain, and they are much more cost efficient than existing methods. Built for their environments, there are no “dead ends” in an Althea network, agile design & Open Access encourage further growth, and revenue share is automatic.

Our holistically designed networks allow for IoT, mobility, and fixed wireless. Althea is tech agnostic, meaning networks can be built using Fiber Optic, Fixed Wireless, LTE, LoraWAN, etc.

Smarter routing

Althea’s innovative variant of Babel, a distance-vector routing protocol, dynamically routes to the overall best latency connection, so the network can be built to be resilient and redundant with little extra cost.

Althea utilizes an open access architecture, so that any connection can be utilized to grow the network organically. 

Traffic prioritization using Codel provides the user with an optimized experience for Telehealth, working from home, and online schooling. 

The network is fully encrypted and secure, using Wireguard encryption protocols, both network wide and at the router level.

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Smarter Routing

Real-time management

Althea Operator Tools (a.k.a. Ops Tools) is an online dashboard with a suite of tools for monitoring, managing, and deploying networks based on the Althea platform. Operator Tools provides a centralized place to keep track of both the technical and financial aspects of your network.

Easier Management

Advanced billing

The backbone of Althea’s decentralized network is individual routers paying their neighbors to forward service. Althea does this with blockchain technology and is the reason each router in the Althea network needs its own wallet and corresponding Network Organizer Payment Address (Net Org Address).

Better Billing
Revenue Sharing

Easy revenue sharing

Althea empowers seemless coordination and revenue share between many stakeholders in a network - making building in even difficult rural places possible!


Let's build!

Althea is poised and ready to assist you in any way we can. We believe in the importance of affordable connectivity for all and thus offer top to bottom support, including:

GRANT SUPPORT: Assistance in Identifying, writing, applying and administering grants.

NETWORK DESIGN: We offer fixed Wireless, fiber optic, LTE, Mobile connectivity, IOT, and licensed 2.5GHz spectrum options. We know it can all be overwhelming, so let us help you figure out the network design that works best for your needs!

BUILD-OUT/INSTALL SUPPORT: We go wherever we are needed. Althea will come to you!

FEASIBILITY AND MARKET ANALYSIS: Use our experience to help scope your project!

GENERAL SUPPORT: We’re always available to you, whether you’re a partner, customer, or just a community network champion in need of support!

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